“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
– Steve Jobs

What separates Carlson Print Group from others is our dedication to industry evolution – bringing the latest print technology to market, with clients willing to take the leap with us.

Specialty print allows us to differentiate ourselves, and allows our clients to do the same.


Gaining shelf presence is difficult – maintaining it, is even harder.

The right packaging can do both - hold the product and hold the buyers attention.

Make a lasting first impression with packaging that gets noticed, highlights your product, and persuades purchase.


The human eye can see 10 million colors, and we can foil every one of them. The days of one color foil stamping are over – unlimited color options in one pass.

Inline cold foil adds metallic shimmer to paper or plastic with precise detail or a surge of brilliant coverage - in your choice of 1 or 10 million colors.


Captivate an audience with the newest print enhancement on the market – holographic Cast and Cure.

Extensive pattern options capture light to animate and reflect prisms of color to any print or packaging piece.

“Capture my interest and you won’t need to worry about my attention span.”
– Anonymous


Legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser once said, “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!”

Lenticular print is that WOW, and this renowned print process has made a legendary comeback.

Enormous leaps in digital/ print technology have resulted in deep, clear 3D – smooth animation and crisp multi-image flips.

Combine these advancements with new thin gauge lenses for covers or publishing, and that WOW factor is closer than ever.


Our origin, where we began, where we cut our teeth – traditional commercial print.

Our roots in commercial print is how Carlson Print Group was born, and where we earned customer loyalty to get us where we are today.

We continue that tradition daily with clients who trust us at our best.


Unique is why we shine. Unconventional is where we think. Original is what we produce.

ChromeFX is one of those unique, unconventional processes that demonstrate how far we’ll go to develop products our clients want.

From collectibles and gaming to entertainment, imagine the possibilities.


The perfect kit is a well-oiled machine. From CAD design to print production, assembly to fulfillment – any one component can make or break a launch.

Carlson Print Group flawlessly executes from conception to completion – expert level design, craftsman level production, precise assemblage and efficient distribution.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”