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Lenticular printing - don't hide your brand

Your brand won’t stay hidden!

Printing technology that literally jumps off the page or creates a short animation that draws your customers in. We’ve perfected lenticular technology with equal doses of art and science. The result is state-of-the-art, 3D and video-like imagery that stops customers in their tracks.

3D images are layered to give the illusion of depth and perspective allowing your message or product to truly stand out from the rest. Unlike 2-dimensional design, using this lenticular effect allows graphics to appear more realistic and can be incorporated into most images or design styles.

A series of images (sequential still images) come together to create an animation much like a short movie clip. This effect is ideal for illustrating body movement or mechanical action.

By alternating between multiple images - each vanishes and then reappears. This effect is an excellent way to demonstrate instant "cause-and-effect" comparisons.

Changing one image into another to create the illusion of transformation or to illustrate a ‘before and after’ scenario. The morph effect is an excellent vehicle to showcase a product or feature that may change or create change. Just supply us "From" and "To" images and we’ll take it from there.

The illusion of movement creates the effect of jumping out and back. A lenticular zoom animation can consist of one or more objects, or even a full image. Consider this effect to feature products, logos, or key messages.

Our account executives are available to answer your questions and guide you to the lenticular solution that best fits your situation. 


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