Introducing "MotionCoat"

Staying Ahead of the Creative Curve

Carlson Print Group puts new MotionCoat technology into effect

Through lasting innovation and passing trends, one tenet of specialty printing remains tried and true: it’s all about getting noticed. Actega North America, a market leader in the specialty coatings industry, recently introduced a new printing technique designed to intrigue, mesmerize and stand out – on store shelves, in mailboxes and everywhere in between.

Available only since April 2016, Actega’s MotionCoat™ specialty coating is a patent-pending UV coating system that, when combined with vector-based artwork, creates an engaging sense of motion on packaging, direct mail pieces and publications. Because it’s so new, it’s only available through a few select distributors. 

At Carlson Print Group, we couldn’t wait to put it to use.

Inspired by our commitment to consistently add new products and bring innovative ideas to our customers, CPG is one of the first printers in the Midwest to go through the training and certification process in order to offer MotionCoat.

Its benefits are numerous, but in particular, our specialists are drawn to MotionCoat technology because it: 
  • Features self-registration characteristics that result in impressive
  • High-motion graphics
  • Can be printed in-line at normal press speeds
  • Is 100% recyclable
  • Easily adheres to a variety of substrates
“For our clients, being able to utilize new printing techniques before their competitors offers huge advantages. As a result, we wanted to be early to market with MotionCoat technology, and we’ve definitely succeeded in our region,” says Mike McLaughlin, VP/General Manager at Carlson Print Group. “Clients who’ve implemented it into their designs love the fact that it incorporates both visual and tactile characteristics in one coating.”

To request MotionCoat samples and learn more about the ways it can enhance your packaging and help you meet your marketing goals:



(click image to view motion effect)